February 19th, 2007


Take that, Eve Ensler!

3day weekend!! omgz!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I'm in a pretty copacetic, almost excellent mood. And, Kids say the darnedest things!

    [00:42] destruktolux: Have you ever read any of Tom Perotta's books?
    [00:42] destruktolux: he wrote the novel Election
    [00:42] destruktolux: also the novel that the movie Little Children is based on
    [00:42] destruktolux: I've read about most of Little Children. It's surprisingly good
    [00:42] kaffeinatrix: little children?
    [00:43] kaffeinatrix: hm
    [00:43] destruktolux: yeah
    [00:43] destruktolux: the movie has this great way of having rich adult characters and showing them with deep seated resentments toward their own children
    [00:43] destruktolux: which I think is kind of fun in a guilty pleasure sense
    [00:44] kaffeinatrix: ooh
    [00:44] kaffeinatrix: :)
    [00:44] destruktolux: I mean, I can't even mention that the book has parents that resent their kids to some people. It really seems offensive to people.
    [00:44] kaffeinatrix: hell no, I am a huge fan of resentment of any kind
    [00:45] destruktolux: hehe
    [00:46] destruktolux: I dunno, maybe it's something you find in conservative southern society
    [00:46] destruktolux: everyone's all about poopin' out the kids and it's the most important thing EVAR
    [00:46] destruktolux: I know people who've put up with no end of shit for saying that they just don't feel like they want kids in life, you know?
    [00:46] destruktolux: how do you deal with THAT?
    [00:48] kaffeinatrix: i don't know. i mean, i'm 34 and unmarried/able and totally too self-absorbed to ever deal with a child. Being part of the, hm. I don't know, the end is nigh and i'm not part of the problem, at least.
    [00:49] destruktolux: I dunno, I think you live a lifestyle that is just distant from the typical thing
    [00:49] destruktolux: and I think that's fine
    [00:49] kaffeinatrix: shit i know
    [00:49] kaffeinatrix: well yea
    [00:49] kaffeinatrix: but
    [00:50] kaffeinatrix: most of the greatest, smartest people i know are, hm. Unlikely to ever pass along their dna or knowledge to a child.
    [00:50] kaffeinatrix: I think I see my creative outlet as something other than my vagina.
    [00:50] kaffeinatrix: (oh, snap!)
    [00:50] destruktolux: that's possible
    [00:50] destruktolux: and I think equitable
    [00:50] destruktolux: that's a great way of putting it :)