January 20th, 2007



      "I believe the role of the artist is to recognize and bring forth into their work the radiance of all things. I believe in the power of art to communicate this radiance and illumminate truth. I believe everyone has the possibility of a deeper and more spiritual experience of life through art."

Two Figures on Blue #3, by J. A. O'Baoighill
30" x 30", Relief Print and Acrylic on Canvas, 2001

Anxious Figure on Red, by J. A. O'Baoighill
24" x 18", Ink and acrylic on board, 2004

Amoebas Everywhere, by J. A. O'Baoighill
41" x 41", 2000

Mozart Eating a Banana, by J. A. O'Baoighill
66" x 66", 2002
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The Depths of Our Stupidity

I bought some cool posters on a whim just now. The Wrong and Strong Posters by Kasia Korczak.

A limited edition of 6 posters in collaboration with writer/artist Payam Sharifi. Each features a different slogan of sexy defeatism. London, UK. Spring 2005.

Description: Bill Clinton once said that in times of crisis, America will always choose the path that is wrong and strong over the one that is right and weak. Let's celebrate this little gem of wisdom, no matter which side you're on. In politics, like in fashion, the world looks better in shades of gray.