February 15th, 2006


quasi-update. (pictures, damnit!)

Thanks to pippilina, I discovered that a technique called Musion Eyeliner made the Gorillaz appear as 3D holograms on stage (see this entry). And it is a projection, not some enormous LCD screen, as I had thought. The footage is projected at a 45 degree angle on to transparent, 1-molecule thin sheets of aluminum. Hey, science meets showbiz who'da thunk it!

Some recent handspring sketch/doodles:

Yesterday, I embarked upon a 2-week campaign of being really strict with myself, and forcing myself to do (relatively pleasurable) tasks on my to-do lists... For instance, painting for 2 hours a day, drinking enough water, taking my vitamins, etc. So far, so good.

Oh yeah. Get over to my Nohari and Johari windows and shower me with adjectives.

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