January 17th, 2006


Dreamt this:

Last night I dreamt about an enormous 1960's era building which was, at various times: a shopping center (basement only), an airport (which had no gates, only corridors leading to security checkpoints and more corridors), a large arena/stadium (which was the setting of a Neil Diamond performance) and a prison. There was a lot of wear on the building, which I explored thoroughly, finding doors and secret passageways throughout.

There was also an element of the holocaust thrown in, as well as some sort of Mad Max/Warriors-esque futurism going on. Very weird. The surrounding area kind of looked like Los Angeles.

My dreams tend to have a lot of architecture in them. Especially when I am working out problems in my waking life, it's such a cheap metaphor innit? I also have a very specific visual sense of the landscape and I have a very odd set of dreamplaces which reappear time and time again in various dreams. It's kind of a nice pastiche of all the places i've lived and travelled throughout my life.

At some point I wound up with foundsound in Sausalito, kind of, checking out these enormous 250-foot long chinese yo-yos inside some kind of convention center, thinking I wanted to buy one for my housemate. The security guards discouraged me from deploying them indoors, so I got angry and left.
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