January 20th, 2005


boo messy booooo

i dove in to the dreaded pile.  The enormous heap of clutter, boxes and old dusty clothes and stuff. lots of stuff I don't need. I have the world's dustiest boogers. You love little details like these, they almost make you feel like you're there. The greatest thing is that i've done a lot of work but it's still horrible in here. Whimper.

muh muh muhI am clearly avoiding cleaning right now, and I found a pretty cool flash animation of a complete surgical knee replacement procedure. omg. ow.  The best part, though, is at the end when the narrator/surgeon character says "well i'm off to check on another patient while the OR team prepares for the next surgery, see you next time!" and that's that the animation is just a loop of him going "muh muh muh muh" so his lips keep moving forever if you leave it running. Forever. Muhh. HILARIOUS. ok, maybe not.
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buttons plus *text*

Here are a couple more buttons I slapped together. I think I gifted one of them.
cut for adult themes. Collapse )

I'm depressed. I'm pissy, disappointed and unpleasant. Feeling down, lonely but mercifully avoidant. I'm mostly worrying a lot.
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