October 11th, 2004


Discouraging non-event

oh, my birthday. It's coming up. in 13 days. yay for aging.

Nothing's come together, the excitement isn't there. As nothing's planned, i'm revoking all of my comments hyping up some sort of event. Blah. if it weren't for disappointments, I wouldn't have any appointments.

I didn't go to Nantucket this past weekend, didn't really do much of anything but hang out with djdigit, who is starting to recover from his intractable, recalcitrant bout of mutant avian zombie herpes. My phone never rings. Nobody returns my calls. i'm a people person.

"Quand on veut un mouton, c'est la preuve qu'on existe."
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    Radio 4 - Start A Fire (Justin Robertson Vocal Mix)