May 4th, 2004


You wouldn't want to be seen seeing...

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In other news, I might still try to work up the nerve and chutzpah to go to DG and make a late appearance.

Sadness, my new camera, of which I am very fond, is suffering from my abuses. Thankfully I got a big dumb warantee, because all the little things are wearing out already and I will make them fix it up perty. Another sign that plastic bodies are not worth the money, if you're a merciless shutterbugging freak like me... Oh, speaking of crappy Plastic Bodies...
I've been doing a lot of actual compulsory drawing exercises, practicing my craft, as it were. I'm trying to give myself some discipline, and sometimes it's pointless, but i'm noticing more joy in the process, as well as some marginal improvement, the body memory coming back to me, I guess. Soon I'm attacking canvases. It's a good thing. I don't have a lot to show yet, but soon i'm going to be scanning everything in sight.

Π∪∴ ≈⊥ ≈⊥ ≈⊥ ≈÷ ≈⊥ ≈⊥
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moody bitch

ella tiene grandes piernas y un asno redondo grande.

MAY 4 Full Moon – the Mohawks’ “Time of the Big Leaf” – rises just after sunset against the stars of Libra the Scales. source: Morrison Planetarium in the sky this month

Eventually, the moon does get spooky

Today's horoskope: The lunar eclipse triggers dark emotions. But this is a purging process. It's your chance to cast off sentiments that no longer suit you.

I wish my camera was fixed. I'm enjoying my new pencils though, it's physically gratifying pushing the pigment in to the paper, without a trace of subtlety. Watersoluble too, so there's more joy to be had with brushes.

I'm really trying to give a shit about anything

uncertainty, uncertainty, uncertainty.
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