January 23rd, 2004


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fedex brought my package at the very last possible minute, hoorah

now i have 3 computers.

pippilina is asleep in the feelthy livingroom all jetlagging from her frankfurt-sfo flight 11 hours ugh. It's cool being around her because we totally pick right back up where we left off in some respects - it's nice to be able to still maintain a close friendship after whatever 14 years it's been.

we're old.


Innocence. Like a child, you seem to think of
things with more a curious look than an
explanative. The answers aren't important to
you all the time, sometimes it's just enjoying
the questions and finding new ones. When the
end came, you survived through the simple means
of not being in the wrong place, or, following
a butterfly away from the blast zone. Meeks...
damn you all.

How would you survive the end of the world?
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