January 22nd, 2004


yuaaaaawwwwwwn... finally! a stupid rambling update!

Today I slept through the greater portion of the late morning on in to the evening. What a great use of my time! I woke when foundsound called my cell phone (which somehow reset the ringer to Hava Nagila) to tease me for sleeping all day. I looked around, saw that I hade been sleeping in an impossibly small uncluttered portion of bed in a really awkward position, with my laptop, paints, phone and sketchbook all spread out around me. Oddly enough, the laptop had been on, the lights were all on, and nothing got knocked over! wack.

Lucky thing that I answered the phone, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to hang out with foundsound, watching Kids Show and drinkin' milkshakes. Also I wouldn't have heard from djdigit about mikebee's dj set at The Cafe, where I eventually got my drink on and my dance on (a little) with mah boi. It was a good time!

Only thing is, I get nervy when there are too many people non-dancing and eyeballin' me... Makes me feel real conspicuous on the dancefloor if i'm one of TWO PEOPLE OUT THERE. Somehow it fucks with my flow and then I get clumsy. Good music, some nice beats and nice bassy boom boom. Oy thanks for introducing me to mikebee, too, digit. *snicker*
I promised that I would give mad props though, because for the record, my slampiece, djdigit, has a prurient interest in luscious round asses - and he's proud. The luscious round asses of the world thank you for your support and adoration. As does MY luscious round ass.
Ok so unicornflower always pops up online to tell me about the most bizarre, fucked up (though ultimately cool as all hell) shit --

SF peeps: THIS IS BRILLIANT: PARTY CAR. Everyone, do this thing. Also, go join in the tribe, partycar.tribe.net I joined because he called me "critical mass transit girl" so i'm member fifty-nine.
And then he said: 'as Gold Chains says, "Lots of love to all the people we have met that have been cool to us. Straight hatred to all the people who try and dis us.Fuck you, my life is stressful enough without you being a dickhead."'
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* dingAling! Fill me in!!

Hey kids and cats and kittens and et-cetera: I demand interaction, input and clickthru! SUBMIT! :D

Poll #237284 Friday_23

I'm totally undecided about my options for Friday Night - January 23rd. Which of the following should I absolutely, positively do?

late afternoon -- Good Vibrations, Aquarius Records for some retail action
5:30 pm-??:??pm -- kick it in the PARTY CAR - (This is pretty much a shoe-in)
10:30-3:00am -- Dancing at AsiaSF with djdigit to some 'infectious, smooth' Drum n' Bass
Stay home, chill out, finish up my laundry, play with the new laptop
Sleep all goddamn day and get nothing accomplished

Have I overlooked other epic SF events which demand my attendance?

And finally... Gravy?

Gravy Boat?!
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