October 25th, 2003


the Birthday Party aftermath...

Wow, throwing a party is kind of a stressful ordeal, but in the end I wound up seeing a lot of people I really like, got some stunning, awesome gifts, and made the upstairs neighbors very very nervous. So much liquor. So much mayhem! I am finally feeling like myself almost, after my unfortunate, tragic overhung morning hours.

BIG fucking shout-outs to the Southbay rivets lynxcat, inebrigoth and riversprite for coming all the way up here for my nutty drunken ghetto booty bash, and big massive props to lynxcatDJ :Lynx: for providing the decks, lights and powernoise, futurepop & harsh electro - stompy music is fun! You Southbay Rivets are seriously hardcore. Hell yeah!

djdigit kicked some ass spinning drum n' bass, progressive house, and breaks in between RIVET sets, and he had some booties shaking in the livingroom. Right on. Much noise was made! Thanks for the phat beats, baby. ;-)

nux_vomica and miskatonic01 were in effect, as well as Devlin, who is apparently "The 4 year old who is cooler than I am!" according to the guy who showed up before anyone else, at precisely 9:00 pm. I wasn't even dressed! :-) Livejournal was in the hizzy, y0: dfors, butterflymornin, deadlittlebunny, foundsound, loin_mcboing, magneticstrip, glembe and latweaka were all in the fray. Thanks for coming out to make me drink liquor and embarrass myself, you're all in my thoughts and prayers. heh. I'm sure I missed someone.

Some other peeps made the scene, Erich from FiLTHMiLK showed up and gave me lollipops and stickers, 3/4 of the fabulous Slack-Punk Supergroup Wash Me were representing, Donald the Nut from the Nerdcore band Three Day Stubble brought me a bottle of some scary super-potent alcoholic love potion! Wow! My longlost shi tzu art fiend and former Milkycat 1312 Posse member-slash-housemate Niffer surprised us all by showing up, she was supremely entertaining. Another former Milkycat/1312 Posse housemate, Tait came as well! Hey now! Loads of other kids swarmed in and out of the noisy, drunken fracas throughout the night. I was all intoxicated and obnoxious. Go, me.

I hope everyone had some fun, or if they didn't, at least the stories they'll be able to tell will make up for it...

kisses 4 u!

0ne post about my party from miskatonic01 -- nux_vomica's take on the dilly-o -- a harrowing tale of misadventure, beverages and bad speaker mojo as related by lynxcat -- djdigit's post sheds a somewhat more positive light on the festivities.
(btw, sorry to the DJs for all the ghetto stereo equipment, lack of decent furniture, etc. You performed admirably given the utter madness of the milkycat hizzy and you scared the neighbors. thank you!!)
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