October 1st, 2003


there's not much to share

Hey, you, go see Ivan Brunetti's not-for-the-workplace-style humorous, candy-colored misanthropy. Not just because it graces the wall opposite my bedroom door, because it is to laff and cheer. This is also quite heartwarming. Ha! Hahahahaha! Ho jeez. I just dig this wacky Ivan. Check this out. Wha? Wow, Cool!

Last night, I drank (er, choked down) some Ouzo with mopmonster after i'd had a few potent cocktails, Hooray for that, because I somehow became even more of an obnoxious, staggering spaz! That's always good fun for all the kids. Control Theory oh my yes, KICKED. Tesseract7 yeah, ok, um. God Module was nice and crunchy and fun. I had loads of fun hanging around bothering strangers and friends alike. I picked up some swanky Flair at the merch table by way of core9 77 INDUSTRIES:
pink leopard yo!*    . C O C K .    *RAR*NO JIBBA JABBA!
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