September 30th, 2003


D.Guildy pleasures

Haw haw punning the night away, y0.

Tonight, DG was worthwhile! I even played a really lousy game of pool, and had a great time, finally talked directly to pulsar_glitch and carlynn, which is all good. Hung out with my friends Jon and Jesus in the corner of the dance floor, danced to a few songs though I was really fairly exhausted after a day of napping and slack. Shouts out to all y'all; magneticstrip, latweaka, lynxcat, lollylo, inebrigoth, glembe, zeonchar and netik (who turned me on to The San Francisco Late Night Coalition )! Who'd I miss?

- I love watching people dance. I love the similarities and I love the dissimilarities even more. -

TOMORROW (technically TODAY whatEVZ) : GOD MODULE, TESSERACT7 and CONTROL THEORY at the DNA LOUNGE, dawgs. mopmonster is my homescratch, and he's in Control Theory, so you GOTS TO REPRAZENT.
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    Cabaret Voltaire - Landslide