August 12th, 2003


the caffeinatrix random fact file Pt. I

    In no particular order:
  • I basically have no clue what i want to be when/if I grow up
  • I feel guilty about not producing enough artwork
  • I have a lot of irrational guilt
  • I've always felt "different"
  • My Netflix account indicates that I have seen, and rated 1047 movies
  • Holy Crap that's a lot of movies
  • I'm hopelessly sentimental and nostalgic
  • I'm afraid of expressing weakness or neediness
  • Sometimes I really wish someone would rescue me
  • I was a Girl Scout, and sold a lot of cookies in my time
  • I am most comfortable befriending men, though lately I have been trying to get to know more women, awesome weird alpha women like myself.
  • Most of the weird women in my life have described themselves as feeling masculine at times
  • I love conversation, and consider it a dying art
  • I had a crush on Pee Wee Herman in my late teens
  • I am addicted to DSL
  • I worry about miscommunication and misinterpretation a lot
  • I don't think I let the wonderful people in my life know how much they mean to me
  • I maintained a high GPA throughout my academic career and have always tended to be a teacher's pet
  • I've been dying my hair freaky colors for more than 16 years
  • I have been keeping journals since I was 12 years old
  • I've been online since 1990
  • I started noticing that I was myopic shortly thereafter
  • I went through a period of profound depression which resulted in a sort of agoraphobia
  • I procrastinate a lot, even about doing things I enjoy
  • It bothers me a great deal when people around me are uncomfortable
  • I tend to decorate my tech with stickers, nailpolish, paint, sharpies - whatever's handy
  • I'm easily intimidated by new people
  • I was 23 when I had my first solo orgasm
  • Current Music
    Various Artists - The Specials - Ghost Town