August 11th, 2003


Haaa what a weekend!

Well, just got home from compression at milk, all kinds of sweaty and tired and bouncy all at once. Spent most of the weekend with djdigit, hee hee hee, being decadent and silly. Also went to SIN on Friday night with djdigit and kaidevis, even got in to the first round of the costume contest! Woo! But to get to the second round you had to name all 7 deadly sins, and I couldn't think of Pride. Such are the wages of sin? Got to hang out with the fabulous and gawjuss deadlittlebunny, and finally got to meet up with isara! Saturday night was more mellow, sake cocktails and tasty snacks at Fly, and then some more fun. Ah, yes. Very exhausted, achey and loopy. Today was gorgeous and languid and decadent.

All in all, an amazing, busy weekend.

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Furthermore, This is HILARIOUS cough cough:
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:caffeina
Your haiku:to leave and the boy
is he really down or is he
just fucking with me
Created by Grahame

(it should be pointed out that the preceeding haiku has no bearing on my weekend heh)
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