July 23rd, 2003


another cute shot and a little more dirt


So last night's last minute date with John has been rainchecked until Friday. Muh... But at least Friday we'll be able to hang out longer. I heard from a mutual friend some of the, uh, glowing comments he had about me. I mean, Gosh!

I've got this little handful of fans out there, but I don't seem capable of dating anybody successfully. It just annoys me. Actual dating is a totally alien concept to me. Anyhow, I was disappointed but not weeping and desperate about it, so I spent some time talking to mopmonster and that really cheered me up. We were swapping yawns and complaints. Then, last night, I dreamt that he was spraying graffiti everywhere that said "BUNNY!" He thought that was pretty funny. There were also a lot of clown wigs laying around everywhere.

Hey yeah and someone I know decided to sideswipe me with the information that he'd had his eye on me for a while and had felt that i'd rejected him when in all honesty I had NO IDEA. NONE. I mean, I flirt with all kinds of people but tend to assume that it's just silly, that whatever, nobody likes me etc. I have so little confidence sometimes that it takes a big truck running me over to make it clear that someone is interested. So uh anyway, who knows if that'll go anywhere.

So, word to the wise, if you like me, write it down on a 2x4 and smash me over the head with it.

Also, dfors is a wanker for bitching and complaining when I take his photo and then using the damned results as his lj user icon AND his friendster pics. Actually i'm oddly flattered that you apparently like the photos. Sprechen of the PHOTOKAMERA, heah's a pic of my vain self and my hero, magneticstrip:
arrrr sheeee
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you're so cute when you're frustrated/sedated

Here's that silly LJ match thing, what's up with matching with people beyond 100%?
faeriecat20 110%
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scirocco 102%
final_girl 102%
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rickamortis 102%
sonia5 100%
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colubra 86%
sylphon 84%
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hepkitten 80%
gigabites 80%
mopmonster 80%
gogogola 76%
rickamortis 76%
beatings 75%
carneggy 72%
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radiumhead 69%
pathogen 69%
nihilistic_kid 69%
smeehrrr 65%
dibzva 65%
How compatible with me are YOU?
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