July 4th, 2003


Post-drunken fun!

So, alright, the run-down of tonight: Didn't get in to any real trouble, saw some old friends, some new friends, and danced a little bit to a few songs with my old friend Charlie, who surprised me with his latex-clad presence not too long after I arrived. YAY for the Santa Cruz crowd, represent.

Whenever I meet someone at a club or something, I try to say hi to them the next time I see them, but tend not to be remembered. Hm. Gonna have to become somehow more memorable then. Anyhow, I don't care, I say hi whether or not I remember someone's name. I'm just that tactless!

It was fun hanging with mopmonster, he's hilarious after a few shots of Vodka. Kind of surly in a good-natured happy hyper way. Got a free drink, top shelf even, from a guy I know from the neighborhood, Ron, who was bartending. Drinking straight vodka is a sure cure for sobreity, and the first drink pretty much floored me. A few more and I was very crooked.

The club stayed open pretty late, but I was getting tired, and so when James found me to say he was taking off to go to Sparky's with his friend Andrea (who has awesome Swear boots with the UV-reactive soles - BIG cred points there!! Also, her car smells superfantastic like flowers and plants.) I wound up mooching along, and found some new frenchfry-thieving Big Gay Fans who adored my outfit from the next table over. They even made me take off my hoodie and stand up and spin around. That was hilarious, they were really addled, drunken, maybe otherwise, but they showed me cockrings and generally made me laugh and blush for the duration. I LOVE SF. Sometimes.

Seriously. It was super fun, i'm glad that I wound up heading out rather than curling up with a blankie to watch DVDs with my Warsaw-bound housemate. That would've been fun, but in a totally different way.

In other news, I'm having trouble trying to call John, and one of my toes kind of hurts from stubbings and dancing in gigantic shoes.
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