June 30th, 2003


tonight tonight

Took myself a little nap this afternoon, more strange dreams. I think vicodin is messing my brain around a bit.

Now i'm listening to Interpol and drinking Mr. Brown iced coffees, trying to get myself pumped up about going to Death Guild tonight. Naps are weird like that, strength-sapping and yet refreshing.

I was talking to mopmonster awhile today about girls and boys and things, now i'm talking to my absentee housemate about curtain rods. God bless instant messaging.

I should edit some of the massive photos I took in Seattle and post them! The trip really did recharge my batteries, sadly I was sickly for the first few days, and toothachey for a few others, but some fun managed to exist between that and the catastrophic final days.

I don't like opiates much, except they do erase pains.
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