June 25th, 2003



So i'm still feeling crummy, so after a day of wandering around and feeling dizzy, youtsk and I are kicking it in our lush hotel room with the AC on. Pike Street Market still smells like fish, and I had a good breakfast down there too. United Airlines is the most dirt cheapass crap airline ever, and somehow I LIKE that. We drove around and got kind of lost yesterday, which was hilarious and fun. Renting a car was a great idea.

Oh, holy crap, sleeping in a new bed always gives me nutty freaky dreams, and last night was no exception. There were all kinds of weird details, like a public market with dangerous overhead conveyor belts piled up with huge heavy boxes, a huge group of my friends all dressed in fetish gear, and a naked woman who kept getting her breasts and genitals blurred out. The rest of the dream was forgotten.

I feel bad for being kind of under the weather while hanging out with youtsk, but OH whatever, he's a doctor, he should get used to dealing with sickies. Hahaha. WRITE ME FRAUDULENT SCRIPTS, MUTHAFUGGA!