June 19th, 2003


ACH der Waschbaer!

I can't sleep. I tried all the bad tv, tried actifed, but i'm awake. So, i went out and sat on the porch to listen to the quiet and think, and I glanced down to my left as two big chubby raccoons (auf deutsch: waschbaer means "wash bear" and what the hell is up with german anyhow?) popped out from the crawlspace under the house through the tiny vent hole like 2 feet from me! ACH! I sat really still for a second or two and then said "UM!" and one of them skittered back beneath the house while the other watched me watching him and grunted and washed himself a bit until the other waschbaer came galumphing up from the backyard. Weird!

Um. Aren't Raccoons kind of vicious little monsters? Are they LIVING under there? Uh?

So many questions.
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