June 10th, 2003


Tomorrow, Santa Cruz. Again.

So, again, I am leaving my beloved life of leisure for the quasi-responsibility and - uh, my hair smells weird. Why does my hair smell weird? It smells like metal or something.

Oh i got distracted there. Um. I'm bored! I went to run some errands with my exboyfriendguy who is my friendguy and went to japantown and had a really stunningly good egg salad sandwich. I mean, it ruled.

Last night, DG was both strange, and cool. I had major pimp skills and somehow managed to attract an admirer! Whoa! I didn't know how to respond to his bold affections, so all I managed was a little giggling and a lot of blushing. I think my exact response was "Dude are you HIGH?" I think I have forgotten how to flirt. Or at least how to flirt with someone who is - gasp - clearly and unequivocally interested in me. But anyhow, I didn't go home with the boy or anything, I totally don't know him, just met him through someone else I just recently met... I got his digits, though, and thanked him for dancing with me. heh. It was a big old goofy ego boost though.

I took off without saying goodnight to a bunch of people, and somehow totally missed running in to my friend R, who was totally scouting around to find me, while I was looking for him - haha! Doy. Anyhow, aside from being a little too flitty and boybaffled and intoxicated, I had a good time, and it was fun dancing in the old tiny Big Heart City space.

Still with the toothache. I haven't managed to get a dentist who will see me so I will try my old dentist in SC. I know that it's very important to keep everyone apprised of my dental woes.
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