April 26th, 2003



So right after I posted my last entry and had just settled down comfywise on my bed to watch THE LEGEND OF ZU, my cel phone rang and it was my friend Jamie, using Dan's cel phone. He was calling to tell me to get the hell over to some bar called LORD OF BALLS (cool name wow) for drinks before the midnight showing of SHUANG TONG (Double Vision) at the SF International Film Festival. So I hopped up and sped out the door because who the hell am I to miss out on a bar called LORD OF BALLS?

So I walked most of the way, hepped as I was on DayQuil and sudafed, I was feeling no pain. The lounge bar thing, Lord of BALLS, was all plush and well lit and had comfy chairs but the crowd? Ehhch. Cocktail choads. Lots of men wearing dress slacks and button-down shirts, women all dressed in afterwork business casual/sexy kind of outfits. But the drinks were strong and not too overpriced, so I had a nice Vodka Sour, which has become my drink of choice lately. It seems like something old women might drink after bingo.

We didn't hang out too much longer than necessary in there, though it was comfortable, the scene was uninspiring. So we headed down the street to secure tickets for the movie and decided to check out one of the cheesy Karaoke bars in the Japan Center, which was, well, cheesy and fulla karaoke. I had another quick Vodka Sour and listened to some seriously painful renditions of foreigner songs, but it was beautiful. The Karaoke system they had was pretty damned high-tech. Someday when my cough is gone, i'ma get some peeps together and go dominate that little stage, man.

The movie started, like I said, at midnight, and the place was pretty much sold out, but Dan, Jamie and I managed to get nice seats in the front row of the balcony, and the movie was REALLY cool and scary, and even pretty damned funny. Watch out for Taiwan cinema!

On the way home, I started to feel pretty awful. Really awful, actually. I'm not sure what I've got, but I really hate going to doctors. I feel like it's no big deal, but it might be. Dunno. After I got home, I pretty much went straight to bed and that was awesome. I love my bed sometimes. It's the best feeling, being really exhausted and crawling in to a nice soft warm bed. Sometimes.

In other potentially bad news, I lost my 3 tickets for Ladytron tomorrow night and have NO idea where to look next for them. I wrote to the guys at ticketweb to see if there's anything that I can do to maybe get willcall tickets instead, or something, since I have people counting on seeing that show. I suck in my disorganized chaos. Hopefully Ladytron will work out and Jamie won't kill me.
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