April 25th, 2003


dook dook dook

So as much as i'm tired of it, i'm still sick. And yes, I opted not to go see a doctor the other day because it seems like such a huge ordeal over such a minor illness. But now i'm pretty tired of it, and going out today made it a lot more clear how sick I am. I feel all flushed, dizzy and weird and my head is all swimmy and congested and horrible.

But! I did go see an awesome movie. Better Luck Tomorrow was all that and a bag of chips. Dan, my housemate, went with me. Since I was down there, at the Metreon and not in my house for a change, I thought i'd go buy some dvds to entertain myself for the remainder of my PLAGUE. I got Amores Perros, the Breakfast Club, Spirited Away and volume two of Jackass. Aw yeah baby. I also got the latest Aphex Twin cd for good measure after giving it a listen in the store.

After I paid, a giggling british girl came up to and fully boosted my ego by asking "Um, where do you go to get cool clothes here?" and asked about clubs and stuff. I gave her a few leads, although only my t-shirt was actually purchased in San Francisco, but whatev. Aw. Damn, that was sweet. Then I bought overpriced Eppler's cookies and came home, collapsed on the couch and watched Spirited Away and drank water.

I'm missing out on fun things happening and really bored with feeling awful, so tomorrow I'm going to go get myself diagnosed. With SARSAIDS®.

watching my cat masturbate furiously...

Today, I woke up feeling much improved. Not totally well, but less unwell. Hm. So I spent some time doping up with DayQuil and stuff, and felt even better. Sinusheadachey but nothing undealwithable. Wound up talking online to someone I met through friendster and, long story short, we met up at Wondercon (big geeky nerdstuff woo) and hung out for the afternoon, he and his cool friend Ron and I. Afterwards, yes, Cheesecake factory. But no cheesecake. Couldn't handle the ginormousity of the meal. Americans luv them big portions.

The guy, he's like, nice but WOW geekalert. Very, like, fanboy. But funny and goofy. Socially awkward. His friend and I got along pretty well, and stuff, which made me feel kind of bad, but it was more of a 'let's hang out' than any sort of amorous meetup. It's cool. The convention deal itself was kind of small and not too enticing, though I got some cute little things, a couple of weird comics and action figures. RARR! Ohyeah and an awesome HK action movie.

On the way home, I got myself some more dayquil and sudafed yum.
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