April 22nd, 2003


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I have no idea why i'm doing this to myself, but i'm unable to stop myself listening to the preview of Madonna's new album, and uh wow. Wow this is bad. I mean her older stuff was bad too, but this, wow. What the... Damn, Gina. Who told her this was a good idea? And her on the cover as Che, that's just unwholesome.

Like cooking bacon in the dark.

This is like a car wreck, I can't tear myself away!!

I'm still a little sickly today, which isn't surprising after getting drunkity drunk last night and wandering around in the rain. Glad I got out of the house though, yesterday was good fun. I like the concept of going out. DG was fun, even though I drank too many red bull+vodkas and probably embarrassed myself without noticing it. Happy birthday, mopmonster!