April 2nd, 2003



yo, i am so disorganizized!

But i managed to remember to do a couple of the things I had planned for today, buying luggage and shampoo. I am so ready for London. I'm kind of a stress case about packing, which is why I always put it off until the last possible minute. Yay!

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So yeah tomorrow I get on a plane, I land Thursday in London. I will hopefully meet up with youtsk somewhere in the airport, where he's promised to meet me with a sign reading "SKANKY HO" or simply, "SKANK". Hooray!

Before all that there's this whole 'packing' thing and also filing for an extension on my taxes because it's kind of trickier than I anticipated. Bleh. Good thing I remembered before too late. I am the 11th hour woman!
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