January 29th, 2003


rainy London

The Science Museum on Monday with pippilina and Thomas was a lot of fun, actually. The place is underfunded and understaffed but it's quite large and entertaining. Lots of old machines and bits and doohickeys. My favourite part was the creepy Medical History wing. Lots of horrific, dimly lit dioramas depicting a variety of mildly disturbing scenarios. Mmm.

Over the past couple of days I've been asked for directions by all sorts of people. Last night it was a pair of teenygoth types wondering where the Virgin store was. I pointed vaguely behind me and then told them I wasn't sure, so they should ask someone who was actually from London. A couple of other times, though, I've been able to give accurate directions! I am totally fitting in. Uhrrm.

We went to Harrod's to get a glimpse of how the other half live, and it was highlarious watching the cctv cameras whirl and spin to follow our movements throughout the departments. Haw! Buncha freaks come in and buy chocolate, go figure.

So, today is getting off to a slow start, and the weather is very cold and wet and windy so i'm weighing my various options for the day's adventuring. Probably another museum or two, since London has about 47 million of them. I'm having a pretty good time, seeing the sights and taking photos. We keep tuning in to see how the US war mongering is going, grumble grumble. Bush is a shifty grinning little bastard. I am not a happy American.

I bought a warm fuzzy hat with earflaps.
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spoo, guvna?

The other day I heard someone utter the phrase "spunk riddled whore" on TV. That was nice.

We went to see Gangs of New York today at the dirtball neighborhood £3 cinema, and parts of it were kind of good, actually, but the rest of it was wedges upon wedges of schmaltzy cheese. Too much cheese! It did make me think of nihilistic_kid's book, though.

So we didn't go to any museums today after all, pippilina and her man were running all over stressing out and gathering paperwork for immigration/visa purposes. Very important stuff, and the stress was contagious. I think I'm probably in their hair too much, and they might need a bit of a break, so I plan on running off on my own to see some Art and Cultcha.

It might snow tonight! Hopefully yeah, but then i'll slip and fall on my bum tomorrow. Guaran-damn-teed!

I plan on heading to some cheeseball Goth clubs this weekend, maybe. I might have to do that on my own, since it's not really pippilina's scene, but I can probably survive that.