January 25th, 2003


Hazards! Still in London.

Yesterday we headed down to Soho to ostensibly seek out old funky bookshops, but we wound up only heading in to one, and that was closer to Camden Town. Eh, go figure. Can I just reiterate how much I love Camden? Ok. I luff Camden. It's like a bigger, grubbier, more cybergoth/psytrance version of the Haight. Noice.

Before we went out yesterday, I was clomping down the narrow stairs to leave, wearing my new purple Swear boots, and I slipped a bit and took a rather violent trip down the stairs on my ass. The noise was tremendous, and pippilina came dashing out of her room with a look of horror on her face, only to find me blushing, quietly muttering "ow, ow ow. ow." Today I felt kind of beaten up, so I took it easy, slept most of the day away. I have huge elbow and ass bruises. Yay, me!

I got a big map of London and the entire M25 area so I can better orient myself, and a great book called 253 - The Print Remix that kind of has a nice kommute vibe going for it. pip and I have been taking turns reading aloud to each other. It's nice for that since each page is a new chapter. Let's hear it for literary gimmicks!

Luke and Kerri (my happy Santa Cruz tenants) were supposed to get in touch before they left London, but the saps never called. It's alright, I'll simply raise their rent. Hahaha! I had trouble sleeping the first few nights here because of jetlag, plus the noisy little bunkbed i'm sleeping on and I was deathly afraid of snoring. The girl i'm rooming with asked if I snored, I said that I sometimes did, and she gasped and begged me not to. Eep. It's not like that's a voluntary thing! But I've gotten the hang of it, and now i'm able to get my Zs on, aw yeah. My dreams have been kind of crazy, as they tend to be when i'm in a new place. Very extreme, kind of like quasi-nightmares. David Lynchy.
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London... Party tonight

Well i'm kind of hiding out from the party scene, there are only a few people here, but the DJ started about an hour ago. Sadly, the music is pretty bad, just noisy Hard House. I'm not a musical snob, but this stuff is pretty dull compared to some great trance i've danced to in the past. Piff. He was mixing in some Justin Timberlake for a while, but that seems to have passed.

I'm not really in a party mood, I'm a little bit shy and hyper and might take a walk to check out a 14th century tower and a spooky graveyard that's nearby. SpooOooOoOoOO0ky.

I have drugs I could take which would probably enhance my enjoyment factor, but I'm not totally decided on that. It can be strange meeting a bunch of people while full of psychotropic drugs, innit!

I could always change my outfit and head off to Slimelight, but that might be better next weekend, I don't really know much about it, aside from the fact that it's members only and to go in without a membership you have to get someone to sign for you, or something. Weird...

I guess some more people have arrived, maybe it'll pick up and I'll wind up dancing and drugged-up out with the punters. Buh huh!

Today I went to a bunch of thrift shops with pip and got a scary nightmare dolly and a freakishly adorable little ceramic mouse thing. I sent a postcard to Dozer and Bela, the cats back in San Francisco, because I'm a crazy cat lady! If i'm not too overhuhng in the morning we might go to the open markets and see all that Camden has to offer. I think I definitely need to get more Cyberdog stuff.
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