January 21st, 2003



I'm in pippilina and her man's flat, my brain thinks it's like 6 am, but uh, here it's 2pm. ALREADY IT IS KRAZY!!

Pippilina has orange hair and we scared the tube passengers by being crude and loud and flashing gang signs and pretending to groom ourselves like hamsters. YAY US.

I'm stinky! I want to explore though. It's rainy and bRITISH here.


oopf London

It's raining in London, but not too cold. We went out and bought about £50 worth of weird cheap groceries at Iceland and I marvelled at all of the odd british foods, like Mr. Brain's Pork Faggots in a Rich West Country Sauce. Oh man. Jammie Dodgers are much nicer than that. Kinder Bueno is an odd name for a foodprodukt, too. And I will definitely have to buy a can of Mr. Greedy Mini Hot Dogs. Fright!

It was an exciting walk through Green Lanes, checking out the shady looking Turkish and Kurdish gangster types. I should start some kind of turf war! Lots of those little gambling places around here around Turnpike Lane. Things are kind of crumbling and damp and moldy in this area, "the Ladder".

pippilina pointed out many strange, beautiful little things as we trudged along the narrow cobblestoned Haringey Passage, down through "the ladder" to her flat. She pointed out a place where vines had grown around barbed wire, coiled tightly around, engulfing the spikes. I will fotograph. Also, there's a wonderful sign for a shop called etcetera, but it's all broken and the first e is hanging upside down just so. Lovely photographic fun to be had. I brought my strange Russian Lomo camera, even!

I've had no sleep for over 24 hours, but i've had more than enough tea and coffee to stay awake until a more realistic bedtime tonight, I want to meet my roommate before I crash out in the 'traveler's room' upstairs, i'm nervous about upsetting the household dis/harmony. :P So much to see and do, yay yay, i'm the Ugly American!