January 4th, 2003


At long last

I haven't really known what to write lately. Or rather, how to write. I've been trying to let things just sort themselves out before attempting any kind of objective analysis. I'm still confounded, though, really, so whatev. It's also not the sort of thing I really want to explore in front of an audience, in any case.

The final bits of legal business regarding closing out my mother's estate are finally almost in place. I have to sign some papers and write a nice big $10,000 check, but then it will be finished and I will be very much relieved. For some reason, dealing with filing her final tax returns was an enormous emotional undertaking. Something about sifting through the hundreds of pharmacy receipts, medical bills and cancelled checks was very poignant. How could I not have seen the extent of her illness? She wrote that she was in denial, but then, so was I. I wound up reliving the night she died more than ever. Dreamt about her a lot as well. She's always helpful and happy in my dreams, at least.

So, to change subjects, I am eagerly anticipating my trip to London to see pippilina and ohyeah, art and stuff. I still need to find a jacket, because I'm dreadfully unprepared for actual, honest-to-goodness Winter Weather.

I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing, still, and it's still fun. Today I went to see Adaptation with my housemate Dan, and that was an awesome movie. Finally saw Bowling for Columbine the other night, which was very very good, as expected. I like films.
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