December 20th, 2002


grumpy frumpy post

Not a very nice evening at all. Jeez. Started out alright, sitting peacefully aboard Caltrain listening to Bright Eyes and Air. Nothing wrong with that at all. I had checked the connecting bus schedule and figured on an hour sitting around at the San Jose train station until the last bus of the night, which was inconvenient but not too horrendous...

But no, lords no, it was to be much worse. The schedule has recently changed, and now the last bus from SJ to Santa Cruz is at 10:10 instead of 11:45, roughly 25 minutes before I arrived at the station. What's more, the last train back to San Francisco left at 10:30. So I was basically fucked, and had to decide between a cold night at the train station or an $85.00 cab ride.

I opted for the cabride, and got a creepy religious/sexist lecture all about how "womens are special, dey make all life on this world, ya? I wouldna pick you up except you a womens, ya? I figure i treat a womens right, dey treat me right, ya?" and "the jews are the best in business of all the world, dey very smart in business, but god will deal with them later."

I decided I didn't really want this guy to drop me at my final destination, and opted instead to walk the remaining blocks, and then it started to rain a lot. on me. Wet whiney me.

And the fun joyjoy part came when I plopped down on the bed to find a musty dank wetness beneath me, and i pulled back the covers, for I had conveniently made the bed all neat and tidy, and I found a gigantic pool of cat piss soaked through all my blankets, the sheets and the matress. Um! Neat!

So i'm wondering what the fuck I bothered coming down here for. Oh yeah. To deal with lawyers, contractors, tenants and accountants.


So the rain continues, and the house is surrounded by a sort of a slushy moat, and the small foundation retaining wall thing that the contractor set up and poured concrete in to is still kind of wet as well. Huh.

I'm less grumpy today because staying grumpy is basically a waste of energy. I am a little bit miffed, however, to discover that I didn't have to run myself ragged getting to Santa Cruz lasternight at all! Ho ho ho! The contractor, who I am hoping will not turn out to be another flaky disappointment, called this morning around 8 to say that he was short of laborers and might not be able to get out to do the work under the house until tomorrow.

No big whup, I just snuggled down under my sleeping bag and remaining unpissy sheet and slept for many more hours. Looks like I might be stuck here through x-miss, if things carry on like this. Poopsie.

Joel and I aren't talking. I got frustrated and angsty with him and hung up on him the other day like some kind of teenager. Go team. Wonder where this is going.

I have a lot of strange dreams in this house, and a lot of them involve me masturbating in fairly awkward public situations. The mind reels, what are the possible interpretations of dreams of semi-public masturbation? Probably just relates to my general levels of stress and frustration.

Oh, yeah! I finally went ahead and committed to a date to fly to London to visit with pippilina in January, a good long vacation of about 3 weeks! Hooray hoorah. I'm really excitedly looking forward to that. Now I need to get my shit together and get myself a new passport and a jacket. Then I'm totally set to go, baby.