November 30th, 2002


goo goo g'joob

Santa Cruz! Damn your black little heart!

No, not really. I'm just kind of restless and bored, and none of the happy tenants are around to entertain me. I've just been kind of listlessly cleaning in my old room, garote should appreciate my lackluster efforts. He's kind of halfway moved in, but I'm not running some sort of halfway house! This isn't a crack house, it's a crack home. Since my old bed is out in the backyard somewhere, I'm not sure where I'll be sleeping tonight. This is slightly disconcerting.

I want to go to thrift stores tomorrow and buy a lot of crap. I feel the need to consume. Naughty consumption!

I might still go to the Box on monday night, I even brought my corset and some other stuff to dress up in, but I don't know if I'm going to have the energy to go through with it. Sometimes the effort of getting all dressed up is too much work. Oh WOE IS ME. Whatever. I hope my cold/flu/plague thing goes away completely soon so I can be my chipper cheerful self again.

Today, on my way to Santa Cruz, I made it to the Caltrain station just in time to watch the last of the RRX buses pulling away, so I had some time to kill before the next bus. I bought a soda and some kettle chips and went outside to eat a few, which attracted some pigeons. So I crumbled up a chip and tossed the bits out which attracted roughly nine billion more pigeons. I got kind of nervous as they crowded around watching me eat chips with their beady eyes, so I crumbled up the whole bag and shook out all the nuggets and laughed at the feeding frenzy which ensued. I know chips aren't really good for pigeons, but they have probably eaten worse things. That killed about 10 minutes, so I smoked a clove, played with my handspring a little, and wandered in to the station.

There was some sort of strangeness and hullaballoo going on with all these sharply dressed marines, several women dressed as pink fairies and about 5 santa clauses of various sizes and genders. I wandered around the building and saw limousines and news vans and all kinds of photo ops. It was getting kind of surreal, so I asked a guy who bummed a cigarette what was going on, and it turned out that it was just a simple Toys for Tots thing with a special santa claus train and some kind of festivities. Dur.

The rest of the trip was pretty dull, a strange German woman kept talking to me while eyeing me suspiciously and sipping a diet pepsi through a straw and complaining that she couldn't stand still. She was pretty shifty. pippilina sent me a text message about caltrain bathrooms, and a friend called me up around palo alto to talk about the sunset and burning mattresses and 'breasteses'. Little else to report. Maybe next time i'll try my luck on Greyhound, it's kind of entertaining sometimes.

Hey I think a happy tenant just drove up! SALVATION FROM BOREDUMB!!
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