November 29th, 2002


thanks geeveeeng

I don't think I ate any traditionally thanksgivingish foodthings today, but I did gorge on tasty bits!

I wound up going off with some friends and friends-of-friends to Tong Palace for awesome scary Dim Sum feasting. I love dim sum, but usually opt for the take-away dim sum offerings. The sit-down craziness of women with carts peddling all kinds of shrimpy porky sticky stuff is a lot more entertaining. Apparently, this SFGate article was hip to our plans! It was really very good, and amusing! I think it's one of the best thanksgiving meals I've had in a long time, actually. Not stressful or family-crazed, very laid back and happy. After we ate all the creepy jellyfish and duck chunks, we wandered around doing bargain shopping in all the cool cheap import stores along Clement and had Tapioca pearl drinks (Joel and I chose the tasty Watermelon slush and I nearly finished mine this time) and bought strange things.

Spent some kwality time with Joel now that i'm back to feeling nearly healthy again, and that was really great, we've needed some kwality time. Woo.

Tomorrow i'm heading south, back to Santa Cruz for a couple of days to finish clearing out and patching up the room garote is eager to move in to. I'm sure things are going to be far more pleasant with nice cool people living in my house. It's a good change. If I can get up the gumption, I might go back to the BOX on Monday night, or something.