November 14th, 2002


Not dead!

I haven't been feeling entirely well, I've got some kind of stupid low-grade cold sore-throat something-or-other going on and I've been mostly sleeping a lot and drinking tea.

I'm still in Santa Cruz, and Midnight tonight is the deadline for the squatter guy to get his stuff out of here, we'll see how that goes. He has made some progress, but he has a lot of stuff, large cumbersome machinery and all kinds of crazy contraptions to deal with. I kind of want to offer assistance, but he pretty much hates me, so I'm staying out of his way.

The contractors showed up unannounced yesterday morning and started ripping up the south-facing wall of my livingroom, and happily they were doing so in order to install the 2 new windows roughly 3 weeks earlier than expected. Windows are good things! There was a lot of dry rot and antiquity going on around the windows, but surprisingly there was no immediate evidence of termites. Oddly, the mushy old wood was colonized by ants! Hundreds of tiny little black ants came swarming out as they pried off the siding. Weird!

It was kind of interesting, when they opened up the walls I was aware of the fact that I was seeing history in the (nearly) 100 year old plaster as it crumbled away. I've become really intrigued by the history of this house since beginning all of this renovation, peeling away the layers of 90+ years' additions and repairs, trying to divine something of the people who lived here before.

I dreamt last night that I was a prostitute in some strange middle-distant future, living in a city which resembled San Francisco mixed with New York City, and I kept a room in a building that seemed to have been built by giant insects, everything was rounded and confused. It was sort of an amazing termite mound of caverns and compartments, but everything had a 'Sex for Sale' lurid redness to it, as well. I didn't ever get around to actually performing or selling any sex, oddly.

My dreams have been very vivid, and the architecture has been extremely detailed. I love the weirdness of my dreamings when i'm sick.

So, as soon as captain fuckup gets his stuff, or at least the bulk of his stuff out of here, I will be shifting my crap from my old teenage bedroom in to the room he has now, and somehow clearing enough space out to enable garote to move in. He's quite eager to get the hell in here! Poor guy, having to wait for Captain fuckup and the Half-Assed Slumlady to get things settled so that he can move in. He's been a real trooper through all of this.
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