October 7th, 2002


Busy efficient motherfucking day

UM yeah so. I got a whole lot of important stuff done today, hooray for me!

I woke up early and hitched a ride with Luke, in his awesome Checker, down to the courthouse to finally file my official "summons and complaint" against my bad tenant, which formally begins the actual Eviction lawsuit. It's pretty confusing, the paperwork and process, but I read a lot in my handy NoLo landlord's rights and respondibilities book and did a lot of research on the various aspects of evicting someone in California. The clerk who helped me was really really friendly and helped me with the questions I had, and he went and grabbed my Probate file, copied everything for me 2 times and didn't scold me for being obnoxious or ignorant even once. I might send him a thank-you card because he made my task so much easier and I think thank-you cards are pretty awesome.

After I finished up there, I went to the Sherrif's office (what a dank, depressing office, ugh) to give them the summons and the other paperwork so that they can legally serve process and that went pretty well, but not super-well, so no thank-you card for those fucktards. I have a problem with authority anyhow.

Since I was pretty close to downtown, I decided to take a leisurely stroll through San Lorenzo park, a nice little patch of green rolly hills, fat ducks and geese in a slimy duck and goose pond. I took some photos of the ducks. I have a soft spot in my heart for SL park because I used to play there a lot when I was a wee spaz. I gave a clove cigarette to a ZZ-Top doppelganger hippy hobo guy, and he said "OH, sister, bless you, I LOVE CLOVES!" and rode off on his bike. Bless me, oh my yes.

I wandered across the little ped bridge over the river and gazed down at the water and ducks and stuff. I wanted to go to the bookshop to get another NoLo guide and check out some other books, but then I remembered that I needed some small things from the hardware store, so I went in there and wandered around in a daze trying to remember all the stuff I had on a long list that I had, predictably, left at the house. I know it's THRILLING to read about people's purchases, so I will list them: switchplates and blank faceplates to cover the junction box and light switch, both items which my soon-to-be-evicted tenant brought up as significant safety hazards (okay, guy, whatever) and they're only like 79 cents or something, so like, okay already. I bought a number of other stupid boring housey kinds of things, too. No long exhaustive list after all, PSYCHE!

Then I did go to the bookshop, and I saw that Dave Eggers has a new novel out and there's a new McSweeney's to boot, and he was signing later in the day but I didn't really feel like waiting around for that so I just grabbed the books. The book begins on the cover, and there's no title page or anything, it just BEGINS. That's kind of cool, I think. I looked around some more, and checked through the NoLo landlord guide to evictions but, since I have pretty much covered all of the subjects in the book and it's prohibitively priced at 45 bucks (not likely phhhhbt) I opted instead to get the less prohibitive Neighbor Law book, since the neighbors here seem happy to let the fence (which I think is their fence, if I recall) between our houses like FALL OVER and I am guessing that it will become an issue in the not-too-distant etc.

I also got a copy of Fast Food Nation on sale for Luke, since everyone everywhere must read that book and I am such a rad landlady. Then I bought bagels and lox shmear yum. I went in to the art supply store and got some crap I need to keep my paperwork (which is beginning to become rather a heaping mass) organized, and a cool little bubbling halloween black cat nightlight with glitter in the bubble tube for Kerri, who is home sick.

I was additionally responsible because I finally got in touch with my lawyer about the probate case which started in, oh, February or so. I only have one final important task to address before we can finalize the process and then i'll be officially landed and then the terror begins. Or something.

It was another ass-scorchingly hot day. I wondered aloud why I had not considered this when opting to wear a long black skirt, longsleeved black t-shirt and black tights. I boiled and sweated as I trudged homewards. I am not always terribly practical.

I did some minor little repairs around the house and called a bunch of window places to get estimates on all the work that needs doing.

I wrote (at Luke and my Lawyer's erudite suggestion) a very professional, well-worded, firm but friendly and accessible letter to the evil tenant guy. I wanted to formally respond to his rather alarmist and largely false claims about the hideous slum unlivable conditions of his living area and let him know that I am concerned and blah blah addressing issues blah blah blahdy blah. I want him to come home from where ever the hell he is so that I can give him some quasi-good news before the sherrif comes and gives him the summons for the eviction, er, heh.

What sucks most about the timing of all of this is that I pretty much have to be in Santa Cruz through this week and in to the next in order to deal with the eviction and the probate stuff, so I will have to deal with awkwardness and barely-restrained hostility and whatever else he decides is appropriate in his situation.

Oh well! I just keep thinking "this will all be over soon, this will all be over soon..." and stuff. I also talked a bit to my friend and future tenant garote and he's got a job all set up here in town and is SUPER THRILLED AND ENTHUSIASTIC about living here! Wow awesome! It's cool that i'm able to rent this place out to cool weird people I like and have known for a while. Plus, I'm creating a nice little geekhaus as well!

Last night: Awesome half-hour fireworks display for the birthday of Santa Cruz, and they were visible from in front of my house, and Luke and I discussed the various colors and explody shapes and went OOO and AAA and stuff like dumb kids. Kerri stayed inside painting because, mysteriously, she doesn't like fireworks or parades! How eccentric! A big nice fluffy deaf and blind doggy is visiting, and he's really supersweet and fluffy. Aaawww.
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So, the evil tenant came home a while ago, and I was happy because I had some good news for him and a carefully written letter and everything and he was totally smug and snide and retarded in response. I went a step further to point out a few of the landlordly things i'd done around the house and he was all dismissive and rude. Oh well! I win because I am so megalandladily cool and collected.

He can fuck the hell off! Yay!

garote is heading in to Santa Cruz later tonight and Luke and Kerri graciously agreed to offer him their big squishy futon for the night. Nice of them! He's really cool, I am happy that i'll be renting my old bedroom to someone fun and weird and smart.

He also invited all of us to head over to Saratoga (just over the hill a bit from Santa Cruz for those who don't know dick about the bay area) to see Spirited Away with him, but with everyone up since dawn, tired, Kerri being sick and all of us losers having to get up early in the morrow, I had to decline, but it was nicenice of him to offer.

People are generally not horrible! Yay!

Now I am overwarm and bored. I bought some acrylic cheapo paints, maybe I should mess around with them or something equally creative. Or maybe I'll huff some more paint.
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