August 19th, 2002


too much heaven on their minds

Oh... Yeah. Livejournal. Hi.

I have so little to say about life these days. I've settled in to a comfortable little groove, my small little life. I'm being fairly productive, still, artistically. That's a good phase to be in, but for some reason my creative burst has coincided with/resulted in introversion and nocturnal nonsense. Meh. I'm willing to accept the strange with the good.

Joel and I are getting along very very well lately, which is nice, and we've both been obsessing over our respective projects (He's working on some flash development while I am merely working on 'art', and all that that entails) but we spent an evening laughing awhile as we collaborated on this goofy thing (warning, flash content, so download the muthafuck).

Um um. So what else. My housemate is having a big party birthday bash thing tomorrow night at CHUCK E CHEESE'S, which should rule a lot. Joel has some friends visiting from New Mexico, and i'm a little nervous about meeting them.

Why is it, as an atheist and steadfast Musical-hater, I rock out to Jesus Christ Superstar? Especially Judas' Song. I think it's okay because clearview admitted to rocking out to JCSS as well, and assured me that it isn't uncool.
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