July 24th, 2002


home again, jiggity jig

I'm enjoying a few days respite up here in San Francisco, away from the joys of home ownership. Whee!

I had a successful yard sale this past weekend, down in Santa Cruz. I sold off a lot of old junk cluttering up the house, and made a couple hundred dollars, to boot. Boy howdy! I met a lot of interesting neighborhood types, too. Santa Cruz is full of weirdos.

Things have gotten stressful dealing with the tenants and their problems, and the contractors seem to require a lot of hand-holding. The bathrooms are taking longer than expected, and they've only just started laying the tile when they call me to ask for the nth time whether or not I picked out quarter-round, and is there some sort of trim or not? Huh.

This coming week should suck a lot, I have to give notice to one of the people living in my house, and I feel horrible and guilty and evil about it, but he's awful and destructive and he's covered the house with grease and car parts. It's made worse by the fact that he just lost his job. Rrrrr. I've been planning on getting him out of there for months and months, though, and if he looks for a place now, he's a lot more likely to find something before classes start up at UCSC. I guess. Sigh. It's really for the best.

My right hand is still all bruised and aches a bit from smashing it with a gardening implement last week. It's getting better though. I have a really angry looking bruise under my ring-fingernail. Ow.
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