April 28th, 2002



I had a frustrating dream last night about my house. My mother was there, but she had always just left each room I entered. I was trying not to disturb things, putting everything back as I found it. Most of the doors had been covered over with something very thin like balsa wood, and then painted over and wallpapered. I could push on the doors through the thin walls, and they would move, and I tried to pry the wood away and get to the door with my fingers but I couldn't get through. Some of the doors were still uncovered, but the path from room to room was very complicated and difficult. My uncle was in the dream, and he was on the phone several rooms away, making decisions about my life and the house, taking away my control. I had to get to him, but couldn't, and everything was anxiety and frustration.

This meaning of dream is so obvious, i'm not even going to trouble myself with any sort of interpretation
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