April 17th, 2002


Hyperactive, Tingling.

Today, I feel buzzed. Coffee with Archie, plus this weird Salon Pas tiger balm-esque patch on my neck have me spazzed out to the point where i'm cleaning. Strange. Not that it doesn't need to be done or anything, I guess I shouldn't question this burst of energy, just kind of go with it.

Last night I dreamt that Jack Osbourne (thank you, MTV) was giving me a tour of a really spectacular southern california beach, and he was really excited to show me a sea turtle which was laying eggs in the sand, and the eggs all looked like avocados. Huh. I wonder if all the licorice tea i've been drinking is messing with my dreams.

Wow, better get back to cleaning, if I stop long enough, I'll get discouraged.
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    Einsturzende Neubauten - Haus Der Luge