April 6th, 2002


Moments from a conversation

He: You've got that creative background there, you're used to thinking that way, which is great, now it's just a matter of getting your hand to obey you.
Me: Painting, like sports, is all about getting your body to follow the mind. Training.
He: The coolest thing about interfacing with people over your art is that people really want to make a genuine connection with you, and it can help you understand your own work... It's all a matter of bullshit... Mattisse had the attitude that basically artists shouldn't talk. "Words can kill an artist," he said. Since the 80's there's been a movement which requires that the artist be articulate, where being articulate is almost more important than having skills.

It was a nice, strange conversation, with someone I ran in to yesterday at Pearl, an old friend I hadn't seen in a few years. He's very friendly, creative, and I felt that I was actually pretty rude to him yesterday, so I was glad that he called today. Talking art with other artists, yo. I am so out of touch with the whole Art Scene.

Also, last night, Joel and I went to the Metreon to grab some food and check out the Bandai/Anime store (which has been emptier and emptier with each subsequent visit) and we decided to go see Death to Smoochy. Uh. It had some truly funny, inspired moments but otherwise it was fairly dull, predictable, derivative pap. Uneven and Disappointing. If you do need to see this film, I recommend a matinee, or try sneaking in. Save your money for an art house indie film.
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