February 22nd, 2002



Today wasn't a bad day... It wasn't spectacular either. I only really had one goal in mind and that was to go to the comic book store in my neighborhood to pick up some new releases. I slept a lot later than I'd planned, I was up past dawn messing with images. Ideas, ideas. Yes, please. Archie was over for a bit today, he usually drops in unannounced once or twice a day. He didn't stay long, just long enough to check his email, he was kind of impersonal, but then, so was I.

I tend to want to spend a few hours either completely alone or nearly alone, if I don't get that time alone, I feel edgy and ragged. There have been a lot of people milling around lately. I spent a while just kind of chilling by my lonesome, looking at my new books and putting on eyeliner. I am the most boring person in the world sometimes.

One of the screws fell out of my glasses hinge and I had to dodge oncoming traffic to grab the arm before it got smashed to bits. I couldn't find my glasses repair kit when I got back home, so I was wearing one-armed glasses all evening like a poor bookish wastrel O Woe Is Me.
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Gusty Blust'ry

I just got home, and as I came up to the gate for my building, one of my upstairs neighbors was struggling with her bicycle and several bags of groceries. I asked if she needed a hand, and she seemed really overwhelmed and relieved and really all I did was unlock the gate and hold it for her, but she said "Are you devoted to me? I don't know if you want to take me on!" I laughed and she told me where to get fresh vegetables, and then she said "Oh my god! Thank you! Thank you! You're my Friday 5pm Angel!!!"

That was nice. People can be so nice.

I went to see the amazing Eva Hesse show at SFMoma, and wowwowwow. It was really fun going with my friend Niffer, because she walked around saying things like "Oh, someone born in 1945 made a painting!" and we laughed a lot. 2 whole floors were closed off, that was kind of jacked. I love my membership at SFMoma. It gives me an excuse to take everyone I know to see some art, and it's a really entertaining way to spend the day. I really like hanging out with Niffer. I don't do that often enough. She and I wandered around snapping photos with our digital cameras, which was like having an art school study buddy, only less cheesy.

I bought an eyeglass repair kit and fixed my glasses at Cafe Frjtz, which was full with quasi-hip kids eating crepes. I ate a Gaugin salad and it was Mighty Fine. Mi-T Fine. The weather was all warm and muggy but in a nice way. When we left the museum, the weather went from balmy to bleak in about 4 minutes. Market street turned in to this winter wasteland with rain and everything. Crazy!

I keep playing with these cool little Pontiki eggthingtoys that I bought, they're weirdo Japanese Mr. Potato head things with interchangeable parts. They're zany fun! I was going to give one to Joel but then I had too much fun with the first one and so he'll have to wait for some other gift.

I need to go figure out what's wrong with my left shoulder, it's driving me nuts.
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