February 9th, 2002


Finally almost 100% better!!

I AM SO HYPER. I think I'm just feeling this amazing burst of energy because I've been sickly and cooped up indoors for most of the last week, but whatever, I feel almost dangerously hyper. I went and finally chopped off a bunch of my hair, got a nice respectable bob from a confused woman on Haight Street, ran in to a bunch of people while I was walking down the street. I like my haircut, the ends of the bob do this little swoopy upcurl thing that suits me pretty well, but my bangs are going to need a little additional attention from me. The hairdresser kept clucking her tongue and grabbing this uncooperative chunk of hair and saying "SEE you got COWLICK here, COWLICK!" like I had somehow caused my hair to poke out on purpose. Crazy lady. Before I got shorn, I ran in to my friend and former housemate Niffer, chattering with Tait, her ex-boyfriend and my current housemate. She caught up with me at the salon place and told me about her dental woes and we talked about the evil cold that's running around town.

I had strange strange NyQuil dreams last night again. Dreamt about Santa Cruz, and finding all these weird photographs of my father in my mother's room, which was filled with old desks with really interesting stuff crammed in to all the drawers. Hmm.

Tonight is a party with a bunch of people I haven't seen since my ex and I broke up dramatically, I'm a bit nervous about seeing him, but mostly all those friends of his, but it should be, well, interesting...
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