November 24th, 2001


I own a lot of Sharpies.

Last night I went out to a cafe to draw and practice writing hiragana. I drank some hippie tea and felt really self-conscious the whole time. It felt like people were more aware of me than usual, or perhaps it was that I was more aware of them, but I felt totally conspicuous the whole time I was there. That doesn't happen to me all that often, even though I look kind of like a freak. Curious!

I think I'm going to take some classes at city college next semester but I haven't settled on which ones. I'm considering Elementary Japanese, UNIX Shell Scripting, Women in Art History, Introduction to Programming, Visual Literacy (mostly because I really like the name) and something called Culture, Gender and Sexuality. I don't know yet, I just feel like learning. Yesterday I learned how to make an origami crane and how to write the first five characters of hiragana.

After I left the cafe, I bought a terrible sandwich from the corner store. I guess that broke my whole "Buy nothing day" 24-hour halt on consumer spending, but I justified it as being from a local neighborhood grocer and less than 4 dollars - the funny part was how awful the sandwich was. HAW HAW. That'll teach me! As I walked home, it started sprinkling a little. It started raining like crazy early this morning, and it was raining in all my dreams.

I crave tea now.
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