September 21st, 2001


Good stuff is happening for all the wrong reasons...

The cold seems to be mostly over with. I've been all screwed up on DayQuil for the past couple of days, and it dawned on me eventually that it was the DayQuil making me all jittery and jaw-clenchy and tense. Who knew?

Yesterday, in a rare bout of generosity, I took my housemates out to dinner. That was pretty fun, actually. We ate crab and sushi and stuff. Yum tasty. I think I inherited my mom's love for feeding people. After fooding, we had an exciting romp down Market St. seeking electronic components. I wound up buying some DVDs and one of those cool spiky UBO lightbulbs and some socks. I always feel so guilty when I buy clever, wacky, fun items. Like everything I purchase should have immediate constructive use or support a cause. In a sense, everyone is a consumer, right? Right?

I've been reading up on elly's diaryland journal entries, and I came across this entry and I really identified with what she said about being optimistic. "...being an optimist implies expectations. having expectations implies disappointment." I really admire elly's journal writing style.
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