September 8th, 2001


mmm. Grapes.

I got a collect call tonight from a friend who is on a monthlong vacation on Martha's Vineyard. I was happy to hear from him, since I tend to consider him to be one of my closest friends, but I was kind of wary because of his tone of voice. Long story short, he wants me to go transfer money in to his account which he will pay back when he returns at the end of the month.

Now, I'm all about helping my friends out when I can, and I'd like to think that I could expect the same of them, but it seems like bad news if i'm the financially stable one considering everything i'm dealing with right now. I'm a little uneasy about loaning money to friends like this anyhow, it sets a bad precedent. This situation just makes me feel weird. It seems like I hear from this guy only every so often, and more and more lately when he needs or wants something. I loaned him a fairly good chunk of money a while back, while I still had my phat job, and he never really completely paid me back. I am afraid of being taken advantage of more than I am concerned about the money.

I guess that's sort of unfair... He did come and spend a couple of dreary days with me down in Santa Cruz while I was freaking out and stressing. He tends to be very understanding and accommodating when I need it, when few other people are. Money has recently become a pretty big deal for me, I guess.

Anyhow, I said yes, so I guess the moral of this story is that I'm an easy touch, yo.
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mit fotokamera

Finally, an update on my kommute journal. 20 photos!

Tonight, my housemate's husband got alarmingly drunk and threw up in her bed. How awful!
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(no subject)

Today was filled with bill paying and consumption. Took a trip to the comic book store, picked up the first 2 issues of I Feel Sick by Jhonen Vasquez, and headed out to do some bargain shopping. Non-specific shopping for non-specific items. Always a good time. Wound up with some really nutty quasi-legos called Crosswise (We Grow Through Creativity), some glow in the dark crap, flip flops and purple christmas lights. I make only the wisest purchases.

I realized only too late that i'd left my camera behind when I went out, and of course there were hundreds of brilliant photo ops, like a handful of really amazing drag queens at Castro and 16th and all kinds of freaks and spazzes on the bus. Tsk.
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