caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

I am soon i'll be flying on a jet plane

My horoscope from yesterday was silly, and inapplicable, but gee, here:
Dear Kamio, Here is your horoscope for Monday, December 20

You're feeling torn between the devil and the deep blue sea --
not a bad choice for someone as impetuous and passionate
as yourself. Choose door number three. Aim for permanence
and stability. Some things are better left undone. Really.

This, dear friends, links to a map showing roughly where i'll be for the next week: Yeppo, it's not even necessarily where i'll be, it's just the nearest location. RURAL OKLAHOMA! and a side-trip to Little Rock Arkansas, omg. Two states i've never visited! And boy, are my arms tired?

[ Yahoo! Maps ] Map of The Middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma

My throat is sore. I am nervous.

Also, my best friend got stabbed in a bungled attempted robbery the other night, and luckily he came out of it with only minor injuries. Scary, stupid people with scary stupid knives. Everyone should be well and have a good holiday, i'll be online from time to time, checking LJ and such. Wish me luck with the Oakies.

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