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december huh

veryvery Abbreviated list of some of my thoughts lately
monkeys/social animals/perception/absolutes/
hues/vibrations/wavelengths/ -
naphthol red alizarin cadmium yellow deep
cerulean blue deep manganese turner's yellow etcetera


I'm not sure why I've been so very silent on LJ lately. Could be that I spend a lot of time playing silly games, drawing, reading things other than the screen of my laptop. Or maybe i'm just totally withdrawing and completing the perfect circle of total solitude and isolation. Where are the muses, the adventurers, the stubborn socialites? I need people, I think. Tragic really, how little I reach out.

Where are you?

caffeina is on Madcow, subcluster 9.

Cluster Status Alert
Madcow, subcluster 9 appears to be down, most likely for maintenance. Please follow the lj_maintenance journal for further status updates.

All that going on while I was fiending for ketchup with all of you and was up to friends?skip=200+ posts when the Madcow cluster clusterfucked. Ah well. I'm going to think up a real update, but in the meantime, PICTURES. (edit: most are pages from recent/current sketchbooks)


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