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Last night I struggled and wrestled with a bad horrid sinus headache for an hour or so, and once I finally felt well enough, Joel, Archie, Caitlyn and I hopped on a bus and headed downtown, and wandered through the very strange Christmas Eve crowds around the Powell St. Cable Car turnaround to wait for a cable car. We attracted a lot of strange attention. One man, who wanted us to give him donations for Glide Memorial, I think, told me "You're 19, okay? I'm a man, it's a man thing, and you're 19." He gestured at Joel, who was pointedly looking off in the distance and said, "He's 39, yeah, he's 39 and you're 19." while grabbing at his crotch. Hmm! I can't figure that one out. Someone was playing drums, and some touristy types clustered around in the cold. Moments like that cheer me up.

We hopped off of the cable car and meandered through Chinatown towards Bow Bow, dipping in to strange alleyways to listen to a bunch of people playing Mah Jong noisily, taking strange photos. Caitlyn pulled off ahead of us, while Archie and I dawdled. He and I notice things at the same time, a juxtaposition of elements, a crooked telephone pole casting a curious shadow, and we rummage for our cameras. I could spend all night wandering silently through the city, taking photographs. Eventually, we made it to Bow Bow, and the place was drunkenly jovial, and Folsom wowed us with his stirring karaoke rendition of House of the Rising Sun again, and Candy (the bartendress) kept pouring us huge free shots of Goldschlager (retch retch) and huge shots of Hennessey for herself. I sang a few songs, Lady by Lionel Ritchie (I thought it would be an easy one, but Oh My Lordy it was awful) and Archie belligerently accompanied me through a really violent bout of Georgie Girl. We were loud, I'll give us that! We got drunk, and Joel even drank enough to be kind of loopy, and we made it home in one piece before Midnight. I took another actifed and drank a lot of water and was in bed by 1:30. Not a bad night.

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