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truly spectacular

I was outside on djdigit's fire escape, playing tetris on my celphone, sort of marvelling at the insane traffic below. A huge ginormous monster tour van parked across the street and ejaculated an enormous payload of japanese tourists. Now, that's nothing so unusual. San Francisco is a city with loads of tourist appeal, and tour buses issue forth great dripping gobbets of camera-toting gawkmonkeys in some pretty unusual locations.

But this surprised me.

The eager bunch of travellers was toddling along to visit a truly American tableaux of Western culture - Costco. Huh.

It makes perfect sense, really. Where else could one witness the marvels of overconsumption and the mixed blessings of abundance than among the aisles of Costco, sampling the saturated fats and deep-fried delights of the dark nature of capitalism.

Okay, right, Wal Mart. But that isn't just across the street from here. Whatever.

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