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Barfy fun

I waited until the last minute to do a lot of my christmasing and consumerizing, and expected it to be this huge horrendous ordeal when I finally did get around to it. Lucky for me, it wasn't all that bad. Must be the recession or something. I went to Walgreen's to get some wrapping paper, and while I was perusing the slim pickins a very small, happy old woman asked me "Hello, could you help me? I need a christmas card for my Knee, and I can't see too good." and I smiled, genuinely confused, asked her "Your Knee?" and she said yes, her knee, her little knee, and eventually I sussed it out, she wanted a card for her Niece, and so I found her a decent card, most of them were too goofy and childish, since her Knee was 18 years old, ha ha ha. She was cool, and we wished each other a Happy Holiday. I like interactions like that.

The worst possible place to be on Christmas eve is a Supermarket, so of course I had to go to Safeway just before closing. It was nuts! Freaks everywhere!

Later on tonight, Archie, pippilina, Mike, Joel, and maybe Thomas are going to go to Bow Bow for drankin' and karaoke-in'. Joy to the world, yo.

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