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All clear

I'm not watching tv, or listening to the radio, but i'm getting my shits and giggles reading the running commentary from hep and atakra. I get 90% of my news through my LJ friendslist. The quote of the day prize is awarded to radiumhead, who offers these motivational, heartwarming words:
"I never understand the people of this country.I don't WANT a "regular" guy to be president.I don't want someone president who I can feel is as smart as me; I want a president who's way, way, WAY smarter than me.His job is supposed to be running the country, he should be smarter than almost fucking everybody.
Bush is going to win.he is.You know why? Because this is a country of fucking morons and bigots.You don't like it? Want to live somewhere cool? Move to Amsterdam."

Hell yes! We are WINNARZ!@

I'm being all nice and helpful and exposing myself to disease by caring for djdigit, who has Cancer of the AIDS. Everyone should wish him a speedy recovery! Send your wishes for, like, recovery or a mercifully quick, painless death. I dunno. :D

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