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Ho Ho Ho hum humbug bug butt

So here I am geeking out in the livingroom on Caitlyn's monster 40 pound soviet laptop while she runs around putting thick multicolored artificial braids in to some poor woman's hair, and we're watching Olive the Other Reindeer. Though it's barely noticeable among all the blinky lights and peewee herman-esque clutter, I have a 3 foot tall red tinsel christmas tree with plastic goldfish, paper cranes and LED lights on it. In a total thrift shopping coup, I topped it off with one of those weird 12" plastic sputnik treetopper things and now it's totally Space Age. Salvation Army rocks my socks. That's about as x-massy i really think i'm going to be this season.

The coolest thing I found today during my adventuring was a copy of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for fifty-nine cents. On an unrelated side note, strange people kept stopping to come up and talk to me, telling me all sorts of deeply strange, personal information about themselves. I think I must seem like the sort of person who will sit and listen. Or maybe I look interested. I don't know.

I didn't make it to the walk-in clinic today but they're open tomorrow so i'll go get doped up then.

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